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Albums or Tracks

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When was the last time you listened to a whole album? Ever since the CD gave us the ability to skip tracks with ease the notion of sitting down and absorbing a body of work has slowly died off. And now that we can purchase downloads of individual tracks and easily put together playlists where we mix all manner of musical genres the boundaries have totally disappeared. As Neil Young recently said downloading is the new radio, it’s just that now we get to choose the material, which has got to be a good thing, or is it?




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RE: Albums or Tracks

I like radio to much just to dismiss it. It has a huge place in my life, more than TV does which i easily watch less than 10 hrs a week. Radio is my main source of new music, news, entertainment and f i didn't listen to it then i wouldnt know whats going on in the world and worse still, my music collection wouldnt grow, or me radio is no.1 for entertainment. 

Regarding CD's, i still listen to them start to finish. Vary rarely i skip tracks and i dont do playlists unless we have a party. My music is still CD based mainly but i do have an iTunes library full of my music which on occation i put on random.

Good topic, shame its down here!

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RE: Albums or Tracks

I also play from start to finish that how an artist has recorded it some tracks are better than others sometimes they are slow growers but I am sure that so long as some enjoyment is being had its not the b all and end allbeauty, eh  I am listenig to an album that I havent had on in 30 years close enough fo rock and roll by Nazarethparty time!


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RE: Albums or Tracks

Roksan wrote:
As Neil Young recently said downloading is the new radio, it’s just that now we get to choose the material, which has got to be a good thing, or is it?

I have listened to radio almost every day of my life.  I doubt I will ever listen to Neil Young (unless someone else is playing him and I can't leave for some very good reason).

Unless I have missed something, I don't see why what he says - about our listening habits - is of any importance at all.

I'll listen to whatever I want, by whoever I want, in any way I want, when I want and in any bl###y order I want, with - or without - Neil Young's approval. (But definitely without his music!)


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RE: Albums or Tracks

I'm an album listener mainly, but have various playlists for a bit of variety, though they are like my own best of albums.


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