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3D in the 80's

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from the pic in the mag - why are half the audience wearing the glasses the wrong way round??!

Also, I remember Spacehunter in 3d in 1983 which used polarising glasses, not red and green - it was in full colour and (through the fog of time) rather good (in terms of 3D-ness!)

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Re: 3D in the 80's

To be honest, I cant remember 3D in the eighties, although I can remember it in the fifties with Movies such as "House of Wax"

This was in colour and the audience wore polarized glasses. Other less memorable films came out where the audience wore red and green glasses, but the whole thing died a death with the advent of Cinemascope. I think the 3D thing might have lasted longer but for the rubbish churned out by the studios where they thought people would pay to see 3D regardless of the quality of the film.

Once Cinemascope became the defacto standard the studios became even lazier and more contemptuous of their audiences and abandoned stereophonic sound. A large number of widescreen movies had just a mono soundtrack."Zulu" being a prime example.