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Looper BD - £12 in Sainsburys.

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RE: Looper BD - £12 in Sainsburys.

Not a film I could watch twice, and it is cheaper to buy it once from Sky etc.

Waste of cash in my opinion - very few films are worth owning. Boxes of dvd's in the garage are a lesson we all learn...

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RE: Looper BD - £12 in Sainsburys.

Just watched it as love film had sent it out at same time as girlfriend bought it for me we took it back yesterday and I am glad she did !


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RE: Looper BD - £12 in Sainsburys.

I watched Looper in October at the cinema. It didn't help that it was really loud, even by my standards of playing Blu-Rays very loudly in all three of my rooms. And was the sound correctly balanced? There didn't seem to be much coming from the rear speakers. However, those may be faults of the cinema, rather than the film. Of the film itself, I didn't quite understand the plot, and the bits that I did understand, I didn't much like. No, I won't be buying the Blu-Ray even if it cost only 5p. And to reply to SAP7 - perhaps not many films are worth owning, but I'm pleased to have and repeatedly play most of the approximately 100 Blu-Rays and DVDs that I own, with the Blu-Ray of District 9 being a glaring exception.