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John Lewis Price Drop Panasonic TH42PZ85B

After all my arguements with the Undersales Team at John Lewis Watford to get them to price match either Richer Sounds or Currys (both of which they have refused thus far) I discovered today that they have dropped the price of the Panny 42PZ85B to £899.00 nationally.

Seems strange that it was only wednesday their Undesales team refused to give me that price!!  Hey Ho!!!  New TV arrives Tuesday and with 5 year guarentee Smile

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Re: John Lewis Price Drop Panasonic TH42PZ85B

Just bought this same plasma from john Lewis for £721!!!!!!!!! also with the 5 year warranty.

Ought to explain though....They had it reduced anyway to £805 and as they had messed up with the panasonic plasma 42 px80 for £ 649 which I was assurred was on display  ...then was'nt and I travelled 50 miles to see it , they agreed to meet me half way on the price of the more expensive set.

Yipeeeeeeeee, well done john lewis ...I would'nt go anywhere else.



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