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Acoustic Energy Deals - Evo 3B 5.1 for £450.00!

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Acoustic Energy Evo 3B 5.1 System in Light Maple for £450.00 (B stock - I've ordered a set and they are perfect).

Aegis Evo 3Bs for £175.00

 More details here: http://www.acoustic-energy.co.uk/E-Shop/index.asp?EnhanceA=PRODUCT%20SEARCH%20RESULTS




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Re: Acoustic Energy Deals - Evo 3B 5.1 for "450.00!

sounds like a bargin, when i looked i couldn't find any 5.1 systems at £450. I have the evo 2 floorstanders which are still going strong after 6 years although an upgrade will happen during 2008.