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Will a soundbar "work" when placed in a corner?

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Will a soundbar be able to work, i.e. create "surround sound lite" (or at least a reasonably wide sound stage) when placed in a corner?

About to buy a new TV and a soundbar / sub combo to go with it and due to bad room planning, the only reasonable place for the TV is in a corner. It is a fairly small room and the TV and soundbar would be flat against the wall, i.e. not angled into the room. So the ends of the soundbar would be about 20 cm from one wall (mainly a bare wall) and about 2 meters from the other wall (floor to ceiling bookshelves full of books, but with a big opening into the next room in it) - which presumably will affect the reflections?

Any thoughts or tips gratefully appreciated!


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RE: Will a soundbar "work" when placed in a corner?

No reason why it shouldn't.


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RE: Will a soundbar "work" when placed in a corner?

My Yamaha YSP- 2200 works great in the corner. System has a corner mode but i set manually measuring beam lengths. You can hear rear speaker positions around you as you adjust angle. Very clever!


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RE: Will a soundbar "work" when placed in a corner?


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