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Subwoofer options - future proofing and internal wiring setup for home cinema

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I am very far from an expert (noob actually!) when it comes to getting my options right for a future home cinema setup, but as I'm in the process of completely overhalling my lounge I want to have a wired 7.1 (or prefeably 7.2) surround sound system.  As far as I can tell I have provided all of the socket points I require, but don't yet have a system in place or any cabling installed.  


Firstly - I'd like to set up the wiring and do any minimal testing to make sure everything is okay before committing to a system - a wise move? I'm not sure - but as the wiring needs to be in place and buried (in conduit) but under concrete before a wooden laminate floor is laid - I can't make any mistakes?  I also would like the option of stereo sub-woofers, possibly positioned at different locations in the room (and what I mean by that is maybe daisy-chain the sub woofer wiring in two directions from centre -  going to two sockets and covering all four corners and thus hedging the future position of the subwoofers).  I can position the subwoofers to suit once the room is complete, without trailing wires across the floor.


As far as speakers go, I can follow that no problem and select a fair quality speaker wire and route it to the 6 speaker locations.  I'll use modular banana connector units in modular face plates for maximum options (i.e. if I have to wire subwoofer connector through to single socket having both subwoofer and speaker connectors).  Does this make sense? 


Having tried to read up about these options I have seen powered and un-powered sub-woofers, connected via speaker cable and possibly branching banana plugs, and also a few have mentioned co-axial cable, and cross-over, and things I don't really understand.  So now I'm totally confused.


What are my best options in terms of the wiring the above to cover off the most common scenarios?  I am also not spending a vast fortune on this system either - prefering to go for a modest entry-level system with good reviews eventually.


Many thanks if someone can enlighten my on this - in laymans terms please....