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Speaker cable lengths - Same length on each speaker or not?

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Re: Speaker cable lengths - Same length on each speaker or not?
Sorry. A delay...Well the signals speed means it would go around the world 7 times in one second, so the chance of you hearing a delay in a few metres, is...guess)

Funny that because call the other side of the world or even the middle east and there's a few seconds of delay. I think the word exageration creeps in here!

Granted in a speaker run its going to be milliseconds at the most but arguably anything out of sync is not going to sound as good as anything in perfect sync even if you can't discernably hear the difference in timing per se. I guess some will believe in even lengths some will not. However, if you want to guarantee something as near perfection as possible then its the only way to do it, at least so far as left to right is concerned.

Ahem. Nope no exaggeration. The phone line is not a valid analogy for reasons laid out in previous posts.

1. There is (near enough) zero delay...
2. There is a definite difference of electical properties...which may, or may not be audible.

I dont think its a myth. There is a difference, however delay is a red herring. and that difference to a certain extent, is almost certainly inaudible, unless you happen to be a flying mammal.

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Re: Speaker cable lengths - Same length on each speaker or not?
Meh. I wish zoe ball was here.


We do have a Fat Boy Slim Fast - is that close enough??



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