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Need help setting up Tacima CS929 6 Way Mains Conditioner and Radio Frequency Interference Filter

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Hello I am a long time lurker but first time poster.


I am need of advice, I have just brought a

Tacima 6 Way Mains Conditioner and Radio Frequency Interference Filter CS929C/BP and a Merlin Tarantula Figure '8' mains cable to go with my AV setup


My Av setup:

Onkyo TX-SR608 

Samsung UE46C8000 3D LED HDTV

Q Acoustics 1010i 5.1 Speakers

Sky+ HD

Playstation 3

Xbox 360

And they are all connected to my amp using the best HDMI cables and interconnects and all the above equipment is connected to a Masterplug Master series 8 way surge block.

I am wanting to now connect the above to the new Tacima CS929 but have been been told that I should not connect the Amp and Subwoofer to the Tacima as it strangles the amps power.


So my plan is to Connect the HDTV, Sky Hd, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 to the Tacima and then the Amp and Subwoofer to the Masterplug Master Series surge block.

What do you think? Is this the best way and also in what corresponding order do I plug the equipment into the Tacima?

Then I am going to use the Merlin Tarantula Figure '8' mains cable on my Sky+ HD box.

I wanted to replace my onkyo and TV mains cable but they cannot be unplugged as they are not removable leads. Sad

Thanks in advanced.

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What I think is that it is a

What I think is that it is a good job you cannot replace the onkyo and tv mains cables, as it would be a complete waste of money. Fancy mains and HDMI cables are a con and I am sorry they fooled you. 

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RE: Need help setting up Tacima CS929

Where did you get the impression that you shouldn't plug your amp and sub into the Tacima? I've got both plugged into mine and have had no issue at all, the gains have been slight but it's definately an improvement from when I had them plugged into the mains sockets. All you are doing with the Tacima is "cleaning" the mains power which has no detriment to the performance of electronics in fact it's quite the opposite and the point in buying one in the first place.

Don't worry too much about replacing the mains cables of your gear as the Tacima should give you some gains in performance alone, it's debateable as to wether or not replacing mains cables makes any difference at all. It did make a difference when I replaced the mains cable on my sub but I don't intend on replacing any others as my equipment is plugged into the Tacima.


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RE: Need help setting up Tacima CS929

All devices have power conditioners built into them. I am not entirely convinced by them, there can be gains in the right system but not for all.

check this out



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RE: Need help setting up Tacima CS929

No problem plugging everything into the conditioner. Its only there to give surge protection, and smooth out any spikes in your electricity supply


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