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need advice for home theater system

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Hello Everyone. I'm yegyi and new member . i would like to get advice for my home theater system and its my first time too. Currently i'm using Bose companinon 3 for watching movies and listening music. i want to add 2 speakers and AV receiver for my system. For AV receiver, i'm planing to buy 'Pioneer VSX 521K'. For speakers, i like KEF 300,Boston Acoustics A25,Monitor Audio bronze Bx2 and JBL ES20. Can give me some adivce which speakers should i buy to match with system? 



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RE: need advice for home theater system

If you can you really need to try and audition, some ones views on one system maybe sound different to you, its worth making the trip to a dealer where I am sure they will point you in the right direction, if you can not get to a dealer do some reserch, check out reviews etc that is always a good place to start, this very site has some good systems you read. let us know how you get on.... Cool


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RE: need advice for home theater system


If i undestand, You want to use Companion 3 as front speakers?

Do you know, that this is integrated system with its own built-in surround system that pretend 5.1 system?

I don't recommend you to use it as front or rear spekers in "normal" home theatre system.