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Matching speakers to the fronts

Hi,  im looking at adding some speakers to my B&W 683's s1 to create a 5.1 for the t.v

I was initially going throw any random  2nd hand  speakers into the mix and hope for the best , but after researching a bit from what I understand the 

fronts and the centre need to match well to intergrate in,and  there maybe a bit more room to move with different make speakers in the rears as they dont work as hard? And any make of suitable sub should slot in? Am i on the right track Can a good sound be had from mixing the speakers up?

so should I be looking at B&W centres or be more specifically be looking for one within the 600 series. Are there any other make/model centres out there that could be considered. Was planning on using second hand bits and try and set up cheaply as possible, now that the 600 s2 range is out may be able  get one of the series 1  models for a good price tho still more than I was initially going to spend but Id rather end up with something that works.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated


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RE: Matching speakers to the fronts


I have a B&W 685 Theatre with the ASW 610 subwoofer and I am delighted with them.

Your B&W 683s are matched with the HTM61 Centre and the ASW 610XP subwoofer but you could try the ASW 610 instead and save money. I would not try any other make of centres or you will unbalance the sound and the centre is the key for dialogue. Why not live with the Front 3 speakers until funds permit buying more speakers.

What receiver are you going to use? I am usuing an Onkyo 905 to drive my system.


Best wishes



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RE: Matching speakers to the fronts

In my experience the surrounds don't matter so much but yes you do want to have a B&W center as suggested. It wn't be a disaster to have a center from another brand but it's not recommended.

When it comes to the Subwoofer that can pretty much be any brand but of course some will work better with you speakers than others.

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RE: Matching speakers to the fronts

Personally I have had better results when the rears matched the fronts. 

Not to say the other combos have been bad but speakers from the same range have given a better experience overall.

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RE: Matching speakers to the fronts

Yea I think your right, prob try and get HTM61 and keep it balanced, do it in stages as i can afford start with the front end and worry about the back latter.
I dont have a receiver yet but was planning on finding one with pre outs and driving the fronts with my 2ch music amp, try and have the best of both worlds and make use of what ive got.to me music is more important than the movies, this way my theory is that i could get away with a cheaper receiver as it will only be running the centre and the rears and i can still use the 2ch for music

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RE: Matching speakers to the fronts

I'd recommend considering some of the older B&W centre speakers too. 

I used to have the CC6 on centre duty until plumping for the CDM CNT.

Both were very pleasing to the ear and blended in well with my other B&W speakers.

Admittedly, my speakers are rather older than yours but older B&W centres can be had from eBay or good hifi stores  for little money and still offer great sound for movies.

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