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Is it worth buying Floorstanders for rear surround speakers?

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Hi Everyone


I have been looking at the Dali Ikon 6 Mk2 speaker package (with the Ikon 6's mk2 floorstanders at the front). However for the rears is it worth sticking with the bookshelf speakers (Ikon 1's) or (wall mounted speakers) or as an alternative option, is it worth completely upgrading the rearsto Floorstanders such as the Ikon 6's or the Ikon 5's?

I'll be mainly using the speakers for movies and games. Somepeople have said not to bother with upgrading the rear surrounds, as alot of movies do not make use of the rears and they are only for atmospheric use. However, other people have told me that it does make a difference. The set up I will be going for is 5.1, so really wondering if it will make a difference or if I should just stick to the standard bookshelf or wall mounted speakers that come as part of the package?

First time purchasing speaker package, so would apprecate your advice.








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RE: Is it worth buying Floorstanders for rear surround speakers?

Probably not worth floors' unless u have a decent sized room with good layout and decent acoustics. IMO.


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RE: Is it worth buying Floorstanders for rear surround speakers?

IMO. It's about allocating the budget where it has the most effect ie. Centre and Sub for AV; and Front L & R if system is used for 2 Channel a fair amount of the time.


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