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In wall / In ceiling speakers advice please...

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ohhh sure Hi all

I will be doing a refirb in our lounge soon which I will place on these forums from start to finish, False wall inset Tv LED Lighting etc I will be buying Q-Acoustics 2050 fronts these really are very good for the money and look very nice indeed they will be gloss white a 2000-c centre speaker to match, and a BK-Monolith again fo the money and qaulity very good indeed.

I will be instaling a 7.1 speaker set up future proof more than anything although there are not loads of movies in this format there are a few and they do sound excellent,  the fitting is not a problem as I will make custom housing for them, the problem is there are so many companies, many makes, very few if any reviews and as for deming very limited, so I thought I would ask if any of you good people have had any experience or indeed have this type of speaker installed, I realise price does vary alot but I see no need to go mad on the effect speakers but will not scrimp either.

I suspect I will have to take some risk in buying these speakers but I as say to see and dem is nearly impossible so any thought or input you can throw my way would be most welcome.

Amplification I have not decided yet but that should not matter to much.

Many Thanks


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RE: In wall / In ceiling speakers advice please...


I don't know where you live, but the Cornflake shop in london used to have in ceiling speakers fitted into their wall, so you could at least have something of a demo with them.

I am doing a big fit out and looking for reviews and recommendations to, but to use to play music in lots of rooms and have also raised a forum question on this matter.

Good luck



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RE: In wall / In ceiling speakers advice please...

I always found the Dali in-walls were really good value for money. Well worth considering the Ikon's or Lektor’s if you can.


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RE: In wall / In ceiling speakers advice please...

I have Polk RC65i's

I originally used them for the rears in the bonus room setup and felt they were good for the money.

I now use them for front and rears in the basement system. Movies and music sound fine.

They're not Kef LS50's or anything like that, but for 120/pair I'm not complaining



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