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Home Cinema advice please ????

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I'm just looking at buying my first proper home cinema AV system that's also good for music Big Smile. I don't know much about these choosing a stereo as I've never done it before !. (I've got a really old Yamaha system at the moment which has served me well but it's dying a slow death !)

 I've done some looking around have have a few options but am a little confused. I am thinking of a budget of around £2k, I want 5.1 or 7.1 and quite like the Network ready devices if they can play music from a DLNA NAS and internet radio (would like a range of stations including BBC 6 Music for example). I am not bothered about Blueray as I will use it with a PS3 (and HD Freesat, Iphone). Hmm thinking about it my wife would be pleased if it had a CD player ! (Maybe I'll buy her an IPOD if not !)

Thinking of the following

AV amps

Sony SDR-DA5400ES (Not network ready but gets a great write up !)

Onkyo TX-NR-807-72

Onkyo TX-NR-1007-92

Denon AVR3310 or 2310


KEF KHT3005-SE (Are they worth the extra over the -K2) - the speakers need to look good and not be big.


Thanks for any help or advice......Alan