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DVD vs Blu Ray

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What are your thoughts ?


i have to admit the number one reason for buying BD was for the audio. Now that I've moved to 2.1 instead of full surround I'm buying more on DVD. 

Also bit fed up with the way Blu ray is firmware dependent rather than when you could buy a DVD and it always worked. 

I can't see my mum and dad doing firmware updates. 


Ive not completely given up on surround, but if I do it again it would have to be done properly. 


Also, is Blu ray doomed ? As streaming becomes more common. Everything I've streamed from iTunes has been perfect and I've a relatively modest download speed (8gb)


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RE: DVD vs Blu Ray

DVD had the same issues too especially towards the end of the non HD days. I had more DVD's that couldn't play on my old Pioneer DV737 than I've ever had Blurays that won't play (the only Bluray issues I've had have been LoveFilm discs, never newly purchased ones).

I originally went for Bluray because I was sick of excessive edge enhancement and major compression regarding DVD picture. It hasn't disappointed in that respect, but the audio has been the biggest difference for me - far more balanced and controlled in the bass/sub bass - so much so it makes Dolby Digital seem quite boomy in comparison.

I don't think Bluray is doomed yet. Until everyone can stream full fat 1080p into their homes without issues, it'll survive. And then there's the audio. Many might not care, but those that do will want True HD and DTS-MA. I certainly wouldn't be happy with the quality currently coming from LoveFilm or NetFlix. I'm guessing many people who do stream films aren't even aware they're not getting the correct sound format - one which is almost 15 years old.

4K is round the corner, but until we either get hardware that can download 4K (with whatever sound format that brings), it'll not take off. Maybe it'll be a disc based format (which will no doubt need firmware updates), because it certainly won't be a streaming format until our broadband can deal with such loads.


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RE: DVD vs Blu Ray

I am one of those people! The picture and especially sound need to be perfect.

Also to add, Netflix and Lovefilm etc are grossly underpopulated with films and TV series, which is hugely off putting when you are in the mood to watch a classic or obscure film from your childhood.  

Also from a collectors point of view, I love to look at my collection of clutter Smile To be abe to browse my library with pride and chose a film is a wonderful feeling.

Now there are those people that are content with streaming and having a 4BG rip of a Bluray film on thier PC. You will often find they either have the film on bluray or do not share the same passion for AV like most enthusiasts on here. 

Can you image steaming The Hobbit and missing out on that glory?  Shock


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RE: DVD vs Blu Ray

My predictions:

DVD probably will be around for a long time - I suspect it will become like CDs in some respects, but Blu-rays aren't doomed - players will become more common as people replace faulty DVD players and, as prices come down, people will definitely choose to get at least some films on Blu-ray, if not all.

Streaming will become more common, but I don't think it will become so common so as to replace either DVDs or Blu-rays (or whatever else comes along in the meantime) for at least a decade, unless someone comes up with a game changer like an iTunes type store and iPod type device for movies (i.e. actually being able to purchase, download and keep movies for a cheap / reasonable price and play them back easily on your mobile and home cinema without having any technical knowledge).