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Do I need to upgrade my home cinema system??
Do I need to upgrade my home cinema system??


I've just had my new panasonic TH-42pz85,Im very happy with my tv but I am

a bit confused on how best to connect all my equipment.I currently have a PS3 connected

to the tv via a IXOS 1m xht458.I also have a pansonic dvd recorder(dmr-es15) and a panasonic home cinema system(sa-ht520).Do I need to get a new home cinema system to get the most of my system,as I will be using the PS3 to watch my films from now on and If I cant connect the surround sound then It becomes useless?

Please help?:-)




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Re: Do I need to upgrade my home cinema system??

To get the best out of your new TV and PS3, I would opt for a new amp such as the much championed Onkyo TX-SR605 (£399.00) You can then connect the PS3 via HDMI to the amp and use anothe HDMI lead from the amp to TV. This will allow you to access PCM 5.1 uncompressed audio. Just make certain that if you do this you configure your PS3's audio output correctly from the PS3's settings menu

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