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Which AMP for B&W CM9?

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Which kind of amp would you recommed to use with B&W CM9?

I'm looking for 2-channel, clean sounding amp with sharp bass, which still could go low. I had NAD 356BEE DAC amp when I "pre-listened" CM9s, but I didn't quite like the mid sound nor the bass was good. I imagine I could get a bit better sound for my taste with some other amp.


My budget is 1000-2000 euros. I'm only looking for used equipment (got plenty of selection here where I live). I'd like to include DAC to that budget and it should have USB slot.


I have looked for following stuff (But haven't heard any of them and looking forward to get any info if someone has paired them with B&W CM9 or any CM series speakers)

- Yamaha A-S2000

- Naim SuperNait or Uniti + HiCap (this currently goes a bit over budget)

- NAD M3

- Creek Evolution 2

- Krell Kaw 300i

- Abrahamsen V2.0 + some Abrahamsen DAC. (This is the best looking and I'd love to get any info. I know they are releasing new series, but couldn't find any info about it or when it is released)

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RE: Which AMP for B&W CM9?

Try the Primare I22 or the Onkyo A9000. 


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RE: Which AMP for B&W CM9?

Naim Supernait would get my nod. I auditioned the B&W CM9's several time before deciding to go another way but never got the opportunity to listen with Naim. Some months later I heard the Naim 5si at another shop and thought immediately about how it might go well with the CM9. The Naim might tame what I thought was a bit aggressive high end while proving a good foundation for the bass of the CM9. 


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RE: Which AMP for B&W CM9?

The new Rotel RA-1570. Fits your budget and requirements (except that it is new).

The RA-1570 is also a good match with the B&W CM series speakers.


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RE: Which AMP for B&W CM9?

I have a Yamaha A-S2000, NP-S2000 and CD-S1000 with CM5's and they sound pretty good together--somewhat nuetral. I do feel like I have to turn the turn the volume up a good bit to get the speakers to their most dynamic point. I think that the A-S2000 sounds better with soft tweeters though. If you like the A-S2000, you may want to audition ATC speakers. I have owned the SCM11 and SCM40 and both were great with this amp. 


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RE: Which AMP for B&W CM9?

Personally I'd be looking at Rotel RA-1520. failing that Creek Evo - can't go far wrong with Creek stuff.


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RE: Which AMP for B&W CM9?

I have B&W CM8 and I'm very happy with Quad Elite pre-amp + amp system so you can check that as well.


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