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Re: Where do you buy your music?

Good Vibrations records (nice selection of second hand vinyl - they have an ebay shop too)
Zavvi - I used to avoid spending my money in the big chains, preferring to support the small independents. However, by the looks of my local Zavvi these days it could use all the help it can get. I also like the fact that you can barcode scan the CDs at the listening posts and get a preview.

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Re: Where do you buy your music?

We use to have a few Andy's record shops in Norfolk but they have gone bust for a while now so just big boys left around my neck of woods, you know the like of HMV and Virgin.

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Re: Where do you buy your music?
jimdonnelly: Fopp in Glasgow for me.

Same here, but i always try and support monorail if i can even if its £1-2 more expensive at times.

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Re: Where do you buy your music?

Various. Vinyl comes from either car boot sales or whatrecords.co.uk (for new/audiophile stuff), whilst CDs generally come from Amazon, or 2nd hand off ebay - currently trying to complete my Beatles CD collection for less than £5 a CD inc shipping - 's a good game to play!

I do use Napster though to listen to albums before purchasing them, to make sure that they are worth the shelf space. £9.99 a month for the service seems pretty reasonable, but wouldn't consider buying albums from them as 192kbps wma is not my cup of tea!

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Re: Where do you buy your music?

mainly from amazon or play .... or lunch time impulse buys from HMV or Wollies Smile

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Re: Where do you buy your music?

mainly Amazon or HMV, Amaazon marketplace or ebay is good as a lot of people are selling their CDs after ripping. them onto a hardrive.
Becausm of this recent fad, you can get perfectly good Cds very cheaply, yesterday I got an excellent  Beethoven CD for £1 plus p&p.

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Re: Where do you buy your music?

Many years ago a nearby small town boasted no less than five shops I could buy records from. Nowadays in a fairly large town there is a choice of just two big names. Shame.

Back to the present. Most of my purchases are now made online.

Vinyl - various independents including a firm called The Rock Box from Surrey. I used to buy a lot from a nearby shop called Past And Present Records but they have now closed down. A good second hand shop called Sellanby has also closed. They`d been going since around 1974/5.

CD - Amazon, HMV online, ST Records from the West Midlands, GFT from Surrey plus various others mostly from the small ads at the back of Classic Rock magazine.

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Re: Where do you buy your music?

As of today, add emusic.com to my list. Downloaded a few things and they seem excellent.

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