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What's your favourite movie soundtrack?

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RE: What's your favourite movie soundtrack?

"Holding out for a hero" - closing credits on Shrek 2 by Frou Frou (Imogen Heap)


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RE: What's your favourite movie soundtrack?

v1c wrote:
[snip reams of junk]

Was that really necessary? We know what the film posters look like...

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RE: What's your favourite movie soundtrack?

The Pink Panther - Henry Mancini The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Ennio Morricone.


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RE: What's your favourite movie soundtrack?

Peyton Place soundtrack (1957 movie).  Versions by Frederic Talgorn/Royal Scottish National Orchestra and the original conducted by Waxman.


Beautiful music.  Beautiful film and scenery.  Beautiful actress  (Diane Varsi).


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RE: What's your favourite movie soundtrack?



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RE: What's your favourite movie soundtrack?

1) There Will Be Blood - Jonny Greenwood 

2) The Master - Jonny Greenwood

3) Kill Bill Vol.1

4) Tommy - The Who (the 1969 LP not the OST film version, so a bit of a cheat really).

5) Elizabethtown & Jerry Maguire. (Both mediocre films redeemed by featuring My Morning Jacket and Durutti Column respectively on their soundtracks). 


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RE: What's your favourite movie soundtrack?

Off the top of my head:


Man on Fire

Lost in Translation

2001: A Space Odeyssey


Blue Valentine



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RE: What's your favourite movie soundtrack?

Marius Vries - Flying Home


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RE: What's your favourite movie soundtrack?

The man with no name trilogy / dollars trilogy.... just fan-bloody-tastic. Fistful of Dollars being my favourite.

The Thing (John Carpenter)


Raiders of the Lost Ark

Various parts of the original Star Wars Trilogy

The Sting

Pulp Fiction


The Godfather part I

Blade part I


Seems like those are from fairly old films. The only "newer" film where I really liked the soundtrack was Drive and Tron Legacy.

Recent soundtracks I have actually bought on CD include Inception, The Thing (the latest remake one), Signs, and Tron Legacy.




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RE: What's your favourite movie soundtrack?

The Third Man

Blade Runner

The Draughtsman's Contract

The Dark Knight

The Bourne Ultimatum



The Jungle Book

Born Free



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RE: What's your favourite movie soundtrack?

Some good shouts here, soundtracks are often my fav kind of album.


ones to have a listen to would include most of hans zimmer and James Horner (any of the new batman scores, gladiator, inception + meet joe black is very good ), hackers, tron, blade runner, drive, the list goes on. 


Two that spring to mind that are slightly off category are the soundtrack to the recent battlestar galactica tv series and also the aptly named unkle album 'songs for film'.


if I had to pick a fav film composer of recent though it would be Trent reznor of NIN. His soundtracks to the social network and the girl with the dragon tattoo were superb. Dark, moody and menacing. 


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RE: What's your favourite movie soundtrack?

Alfie - Sonny Rollins. Great great film, superlative score



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RE: What's your favourite movie soundtrack?

Not big on soundtracks here, but I just picked up the one from The Straight Story.  Lovely piece, quite haunting and repeats throughout but evokes the film perfectly (which I also enjoyed).



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RE: What's your favourite movie soundtrack?

As most have already said... Hans Zimmer

Miami vice - John murphy



the insider

Lost highway

The cinematic orchestra - the crimson wing

Vicky Christina Barcelona

vangelis - conquest of paradise

vangelis - blade runner




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RE: What's your favourite movie soundtrack?

Gotta be Annie!!! Heartwarming stuff. 


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