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Upgrade ideas????

My system consists of

Rotel rcd-02 cd player, Rotel rc-03 pre amp, Rotel rb-03 power amp, Atlas equator interconnects, Qed original speaker bi wire, B&W 705 speakers.

I am looking to upgrade part of my setup. What would you think would be best to upgrade first. I am thinking of trying a Rotel 1070 cd player as it is their current reference player.  I want an even better sound than I currently have, The 705 speakers are wonderfully detailed and I would love to complement them more. Question is what with.

Also on my mind is getting a Primare cdI10/ Linn classik one box system after selling the above.

I am in two minds please help. My musical taste ranges from R.E.M. through to Metallica. No classical in my collection.



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Re: Upgrade ideas????

The Classik picked up rave reviews on release and was reckoned to be as good as separates by some; you can get it now for around the £650 mark. There's the Primare and the Arcam Solo to consider as well, higher price obviously. Depends if you want to minimise the boxes and cables around the place - that might be a factor in your thinking?

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Re: Upgrade ideas????

Linn Classik is a wonderful product and if I am looking for that kind of system I would go for it. Linn also have a good reputation for building a long lasting machine so you can sleep happy at night. You can also add a pair of mono blocks (or a dual power amp) when you ready to upgrade again.....majik oh I mean classik indeed.

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