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this may sound silly

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ok im a newbie and you can see the system i got below. thing is on clares advice i should get a marantz cd 6002 and a rotel ra o4 amp.both very good but i was thinking of getting second hand roksan kandy mk111 amp and cd player. the marantz can handle loads of formats mp3s , wma etc which i could use . but i dont think the kandy can ??? and how do i connect this gear up to an onkyo 605 as that is what my kef iq5se speakers are hooked up to. ps is buying stuff off ebay a good or bad idea. any advice is appreciated. i will probably go with clares advice as she is the professional but i think roksan is an option and all my stuff is brand new thanks in advance

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Re: this may sound silly

Hi Padraig,

I have an AV set-up at the moment and I posted similar regarding adding a dedicated Amp and CD to the set-up.

I am using Castle speakers and I am looking at either the Roksan Kandy Combi (prefered and subject a test drive) or the Audiolab 8000S and 8000CD Combi.

as far as connection goes.......My Yamaha has a set of phono outs listed as Output Main, assume Onkyo would have the same or similar.......You would connect your Onkyo to a line input on your Roksan amp and then connect your CD player to the Roksan Amp. The Roksan then connects to your speakers in place of the front L/R speaker outputs on the Onkyo, so when playing movies you're using the amp to drive the front L/R speakers and the Onkyo to drive all the others. When playing music the Onkyo is out of the loop completely.

 Does that all make sense??

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Re: this may sound silly

Hi fist i would like to say if you can its always best to listen to products first if you can as we are all different trust your ears.....if you cant what hi fi ratings are a good indication to how good they are...

Buying from E bay is fine I have purchased many from ebay including a DENON tu260 II tuner and a Marantz CD63ki but as with all second hand gear you will. have to take the risk its just like buying a second hand car with no warranty i guess.....

if you are new to hi-fi i think Clare and andrew will agree any kit from Marantz, NAD , Rotel or cambridge audio is always a safe Bet all of them have great history in the budget hi-fi worl...............

hope this helps


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Re: this may sound silly

I personally would go for the second hand option if what I've read about the Roksan is true


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Re: this may sound silly

the second hand option can be very good if u want something a little better for the price and ebay is an excellent place for this so long as u check feedback :-)Roksan are very good , well worth a listen , stretch to the caspian m series mk II if u can u wont be disappointed:-)