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Tablet Headphone socket issue when linked to Hi-fi

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Further to my question yesterday  ..........

Does anyone else experience a problem when connecting a tablet through the headphone jack to an amp? I have tested on two amps and both produce a dominant ticking over the music, however when headphones plugged in no such issues occur, sounds fine.

Are headphone sockets only supposed to be connected to headphones on these bits of kit?

The tablet is an Acer Iconia A1, any help would be greatly appreciated please.


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RE: Tablet Headphone socket issue when linked to Hi-fi

Hifi systems always sound best when fed a line level analogue input. 

I have on occasion used my phone or iPad as a source, but the sound quality is poor compared to sonos or dac analogue output.

As you are using a variable headphone output from a tablet, you will  be making volume adjustments twice, this is not ideal.

To minimise sound quality issues it is best to set the volume on the tablet to maximum, and use the amp to control the volume of the music.

As for the ticking noise, I have never heard of this problem before.



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