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RE: second hand Krell KAV-400xi ?

Well they go for about that on ebay so seems about right price wise, dpends on condition and what warranty you get. If it is from a hifi dealer then go and hear it for a few hours or even home demo? 

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RE: second hand Krell KAV-400xi ?

Sorry , too late is has been sold already . maybe next time ... :cry:

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RE: second hand Krell KAV-400xi ?

Keep an eye out for a used Krell FPB200. It's a monster of a power amp. Rated at 200watts like the 400xi, but a completely different beast. Totally unflappable performance. 

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RE: second hand Krell KAV-400xi ?

I can buy a Krell KAV-400xi for £1100, but not from a dealer.  Is this still a reasonable price and would this be an upgrade for my current Cyrus 6XP - X Power setup? Speakers are the KEF LS50.

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