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I have to agree that this

I have to agree that this site is an utter shambles. Utterly unintuitive, Ugly and everything is too big. It requires huge amounts of scrolling just to see anything as a whole. All the transitions judder and don't appear to work properly. It's like all the worst aspects of Windows Phone 8, but even more unintuitive. 

Oh, and I cannot find anything - where are the older threads/forums? Search doesn't seem to work. I've ended up here several times for no apparent reason.

This is a huge step backwards from the previous site. It's so frustrating, I am unlikely to use it again until it's fixed.


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This site is SOOOOO bad WHF.

This site is SOOOOO bad WHF. Didn't the IT guys bother to check that it actually works before they gave it the green light? Sad


I've just tried posting a new topic - it didn't work.

I've just tried copy and pasting text - it didn't work.

I've just tried using the 'web link' icon - it didnt work.

It looks bloody awful too.


I've been a regular poster here for 4 years but I'll be avoiding this site until it's fixed.

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plastic penguin wrote:

plastic penguin wrote:

Yes, you and others who've only got no more than 3 posts to your name.

If you're that much of an expert then add constructive criticism rather than "that someone f****d up the web site". That helps no-one.

WHFI has invested a lot of money so it's unlikely they'll revert back. 

And no, I'm not employed by Haymarket nor do I have any affiliation with the company.

Here's some constructive criticism: The new format is precisely as the Dilbert character Mordac would have designed as the Preventer of Information Services - it hides much that was visible and organized previously, thus it's useless. Please scrap this nonsense and fire the idiot who designed it.

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What a mess

This is grim get it sorted please. 

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How did i get here?!

How did i get here?!
This site is currently abismal.it may have potential...if we are all lucky....or it mght be a massive disaster that needs replacing asap.
And p.p. , i dont believe the poster you had a go at actually used the word f***ing...that was you....and what does it matter how many posts he/she has?their opinion is just as valid as yours....your horse could well be a little tall.s

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Too much scrolling

I barely get a single post without having to continually scroll down. Please, please can we have an option to view things under the old layout. 

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Couldn't agree more, this

Couldn't agree more, this website is one of the worst I have seen in years. The colour and fonts are all the same on the forum page, I can't believe this was done professionally, it is so amateurish, it's embarrassing.  

If they don't do something quickly they are going to lose all the traffic.


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JoelSim wrote:

JoelSim wrote:

I'm pretty sure Tracey Thorne is sitting inside my speaker at the moment


Is Tracey still missing like this forum, at least I can quote and respond on the pc, waste of time on the ipad, funny that as it seems thats one of the reasons for the update. Still takes about 5 minutes to sign in if you are lucky.

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Still Broken

External Links from Google to specific forum threads also bring you here, for example:


Must be embarassing to have released something so bad...


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and it's still broken?

and it's still broken?

Any update when there will be a fix for this?


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