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Preamp for pm6004

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Hi, is there a possibility to amp up my pm6004?

in stead of seloing and buying a more powerfull one, because the sound delivery is excellent of the pm6004

because i think the pm 6004 can't power some serious bookshelf speakers, iq30 for example 



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RE: Preamp for pm6004

Try running it on 480 volts.


Should 'amp it up'.



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RE: Preamp for pm6004

What you are really asking is whether you can add an external power amp to the Marantz.  Unfortunately not, as it doesn't have a pre-out.  I'm not sure it would necessarily be the most cost effective solution anyway.

My recommendation would be to seek out a used PM7001 (normal one or the KI Signature) or PM7200 which will give you the Marantz sound but with more power.



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