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Please advice for speakers Cinema & Music

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Hello to all,
This is a very very nice site and i always come around reading ..
Well the thing is that i would like to upgrade my system and these are what i come along so far
AV Amp

1. Pioneer SC-LX56-k
2. Denon 3313

Speakers Front
1.Tannoy Revoloution DC6T SE
2.Klipsch RF 82 II
3.Kef Q700
4.Neat Motive 1
5 Acoustic energy Aelite 3
6.Monitor auidio RX6
7.Paradigm Monitor 7 or 9

Basically for movies but also for music with deep bass , for my living room (about 40 square meters.)
Any suggestions??
Thank You in advance!
hello or goodbye From Greece

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RE: Please advice for speakers Cinema & Music

You may want to post this on the cinema branch as well.