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I know pc's don't come under hi fi, but i have a load of music stored on my laptop and also listen to internet radio stations. At the moment my laptop is connected to my amp with a 3.5mm jack to phono lead, plugged into the pc's headphone socket. I know that I can improve on this, but i don't know how! I am a student and don't have too much money to spend - please can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Re: PC

I would suggest the Trends Audio UD-10.1.
There are plenty of good reviews of UD-10 around and 10.1, being a new version, can only be better!
Price is about 90 Euro/60 Pounds.

Oh, and PCs do come under HiFi with the right gear - but that's another (big) subject!

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Re: PC

When it comes to PC  you have to firstly worry about the sound card. So first thing you should get yourself a fine external sound card - like the M-Audio Audiophile USB one - for around 100 quid. This way the digital signal coming out of your PC will be much better processed, you get proper stereo outputs, and a pretty good quality headphone amp. Not to mention it allows for you to use some upsampling software which could sensibly improve sound quality from both compressed and uncompressed files... In my opinion that's the cheapest and most important 'upgrade' you can do to a laptop/PC.


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Re: PC

cheers guys! will look in to those...

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