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Opinions on Loudspeaker Options

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I will preface this query with a little history, i am first and foremost a viny lover, many years ago i cherished my sondek, kairn, 3 x LK140, Aktiv Keilidh set up, however after a sale and botched emmigration, i returned to my vinyl love on a much smaller scale. i now love the simplicity of my Rega RP3, Grado, PSU and Brio R, my current speakers - some very nice Monitor Audio BR2's are about to be upgraded and im torn!  I have a budget of £700 and I know that I can get a set of B Grade Rega RS5's for £698 which is a bargain but my desire to not blow my budget makes me wonder whether i might find a good jump for a little less cash. I know the BX 5's at £499 will be a jump from my BR 2's, I also hear a lot of good things about Q Acoustics 2050i's, maybe even a second hand pair of Monitor Audio Silver's would be an option. there are so many possibilities, im looking for some actual usage input to narrow my choices.  I'm curious if anyone has any experience of these speakers, I have very eclectic tastes musically. My traditional album tests would be the acoustic Bombay Bicycle Club, Radiohead - In Rainbows,  Dave Brubeck Time Out.Hopefully that will tell you that Im looking for subtlety and response, defined but not over powering bass and a good sounbstage. Am i wasting my time looking further than the RS5's 



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RE: Opinions on Loudspeaker Options

hi fella!

The Brio R amp will go very nice with RS5's

IMHO the Monitor Audio/Q Acoustics speakers you mention are in a different league to the Rega speakers.

At £698 they are an absolute bargain and dont think you will be dissapointed, however how big is your room?

If you do a little search on the forum, you will see that I auditioned a few speakers in the £500-800 area including Dyn X12, Kef R100 - they were all nice speakers but the RS3 just gave me what I was looking for.

With your Brio R, RP3 I think you will find out just how well the Rega speakers match your amp & TT



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RE: Opinions on Loudspeaker Options

hello ianismith,

One small tip, if you are able to audition a pair of Q Acoustics 2050i loudspeakers, please try to ensure the speaker's floor spikes are correctly adjusted. By which I mean that all four spikes are touching the floor and the speaker is held firmly in place and not able to 'rock' in any direction. This will make a considerable difference to the speaker's overall performance. 'Casually' positioned, the 2050i will sound pretty impressive and you'll think they are great value. Correctly adjusted, they sound astonishing and you'll completely understand why they have been receiving such wonderful reviews.

Best regards,

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