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Marantz 603 help please :)

HI lads,


just upgraded my system to a marantz 603 all in one,and im very very happy with the sound!!! BUT im having problems hooking my phone to it via the USB port,i can connect the girlfriends ipad up to it fine,but my galaxy note 2 will not work!

is there any way of getting it to work via USB port on my note? i want to listen to my spotify account with it.


Thanks Ryan.

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RE: Marantz 603 help please :)

Anyone Smile


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RE: Marantz 603 help please :)


" The USB port is iPod-digital-compatible and is “Works with iPhone” certified. "

Not with android phones it seems. I also says:

"(...) you can also connect the Melody Media to the Internet or your PC via the Ethernet input on the back. The DLNA 1.5 certified Melody Media plays thousands of free-of-charge Internet radio stations from all over the world via vTuner. You can even access your own music library on your PC." 

I'd say try dlna; if that doesn't succeed try accessing spotify via pc.


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RE: Marantz 603 help please :)

Thanks very much super! Smile

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RE: Marantz 603 help please :)

Sorted problem in the end,got myself a Harman Kardon BTA 10 and it sounds great Smile

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