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Low cost home office setup (amp & speakers)

Hi All,


I'm looking for a low cost setup (circa £250 all in) for my home office (aka 3rd bedroom). I'm after an Amp & Bookshelf speakers (will be sat on my desk), source will come from my PC either phono or I have an optical out. I've been looking at the Cambridge Audio Topaz AM1 / AM5 and Q Accoustics I2010 / I2020 speakers. I'd prefer new rather than second hand. I have some interconnects and speaker wire from a previous setup.

I don't work from home very often, so the setup will be used during episodes of EastEnders (while I escape) and in the morning whilst I get ready for work. Hence the low budget.

I mainly listen to R&B / Funk / Soul.

Any suggestions gratefully received.  

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RE: Low cost home office setup (amp & speakers)

hi barney try this.. go to a store and demo the marantz cr 603 with decent speakers.... be amazed then look on ebay for one at a cheaper price. i sold my very expensice audiolab mono bloc system for one of these and i bloody love it,,, one box and a complete system which sounds amazing

TECHNICS SL1200MK2 MARANTZ CR603 PROJECT PHONO STAGE BOWERS AND WILKINS CM1 AUDIOQUEST FLX/SLIP 14/4 ATACAMA NEXUS 6 STANDS....................previous system audiolab 8000m 2xmono blocs 8000 cd arcam t32 tuner

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