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Hello I have a jvc stereo mx-gb5 with built in subwoofers, I'm thinking of upgrading my subwoofer but am not sure what the wattage output for the current amp is, it says on the manual the following; 120W per channel, min RMS driven into 6 (Ohms I think) at 63Hz with no more than 10% total harmonic distortion (IEC268-3) Then below that it says 50W per channel, min RMS driven into 6 (Ohms I think) at 63Hz with no more than 0.9% total harmonic distortion (DIN) Both watts outputs are for the subwoofer, which is the correct output going by the watts output shown in the shops Please help Many Thanks

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Re: Help!!!!

The 50W figure is the one to work on. The other one, with lots of distortion allowed, is there to make the figures in the brochure look more impressive.

But bear in mind you`ll need to either a) hunt down a passive subwoofer for use with the system, not the more common active kind, which have a built-in amp, or b)at least look for an active sub with stereo speaker-level inputs. Have to say I`m not too confident a subwoofer upgrade is worthwhile with this system, however.

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Re: Help!!!!

Many thanks for t

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