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Have you ever had two different brands operating on the same remote channel?

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My Plinius amp and Arcam AVR operate off the same remotes causing all sorts of inconvenience. Is there a way to change the channel of one?

BTW - Plinius never respond to any emails and over the years I've sent loads with no response. Pretty shoddy.

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Yes - my old Marantz CDP

Yes - my old Marantz CDP remote also worked the volume & mute on my Brio R which was a benefit!



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RE: Remote control problem


Different brands often use the same code, but it can have different functions.

Arcam usually have the ability to change the code (see manual)....but you have to change at the contol, and at the component.


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RE: Yes - my old Marantz CDP

Yes my rocksan caspian remote will turn the volume up and down on my m6i amp  but the m6 remote will not skip tracks on the cdp . I have had the problem you discribe and its a real pain when you switch one unit on and they both go on or one goes on and the other goes off


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Have you had two brands operating on the same remote

Sony TV and BT Vision box.

Solution - RTFM.

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RE: Two different brands operating on the same channel?

Yep. The Power button on the Humax HDR FOX T2 remote turns the Marantz MCR603 On/Off.  I've tried all 6 remote channels on the Hummy but it still happens. puzzled


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Rbrands operating on the same remote channel?

Plinius appear to use a  generic remote code set and we have several remotes that control it and vice versa - NAD, Audiolab and Linn all clashed. This is quite common within hi-fi although I do not recall any conflicts with AV.

Are you mailing Plinius directly or the uk agent?



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RE: Rbrands operating on the same remote channel?

Wow. Didn't know this was so common. I will try to change the arcam in that. I also didn't know there was a uk Plinius agent. I am unable to demo a plinius sb 301 power amp, so not sure how they expect me to buy one if you can't hear one?

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RE: Get a universal remote control

Why not get a universal remote? I've got a Logitech Harmony One which cost me £99. Beautifully built, it is far superior to any remote control that comes any separate. Best of all, it turns on / off your equipment simultaneously. E.g. I use it for my AV setup. With one button, it turns on my TV, AV Receiver, Sky or Blu Ray. I can adjust the volume, change channels, everything. The power button also powers all of them off again with a single press. Perfect.

I also have it programmed for my HiFi. Now some of my kit is a bit dated so it wasn't designed for powering on / off, even with their own remotes. But, newer kit is more likely to. Also, once it's on, I can change CD tracks, change the volume, decide to listen to the tuner and change channels on there. Very easy.

In addition, in case you're not familiar, you do not have to point remotes at this Logitech for it to 'learn' the codes. You simply goto the Logitech website and download the software for each piece of kit you have. They have an unbelievable 225,000 devices (going back years) and counting.

If you're interested, I'd download go through the wizard on Logitech's website and see if it has your kit listed. If so, go for it, you will never ever use any other remote control again.




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