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Forwards or backwards step?

Would replacing my MF x-80 to audiolab pre and power be a backwards step or not? CD player Cyrus 6s , speakers Dynaudio focus 110's

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Re: Forwards or backwards step?

Which Audiolab? If it's the obvious ones then IMHO it will probably give a little more detail.



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Re: Forwards or backwards step?

Difficult to say really, how much extra would you have to pay? you can get a pair of mf mono bloc power amps on ebay for around 300 pounds on e-bay, these have the same power output as your amp (50 watts) and may be a beter choice?

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Re: Forwards or backwards step?

Jim, I am looking at a new set up consisting of Audiolab 8000Q Preamplifier and a couple of 8000M Mono Power Amp A's.
As a round figure its a £1400 set up. My other option is to go for the pre along with the 8000p

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