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RE: Covers

jjbomber wrote:


There were several more tracks completely stolen by Led Zeppelin, bit of a pub covers band really.  :shifty:


I'll give you the originals. You can fill in the covers:


Whole Lotta Love / Communication Breakdown / Dazed And Confused . The rest, no idea

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RE: Covers

Johnny Cash - Hurt

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RE: Covers

Chickenfoot and Dream Theater's versions of Highway Star;

Yngwie Malmsteen's cover of Gates of Babylon;

Testament's cover of Sails of Charon;

Steve Morse's cover of La Villa Strangiato.

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RE: Covers

What happened to Christine Collister? Her live album with Clive Gregson used to be a WHF reference - contained excellent covers of Heard It Through The Grapevine and Mama Tried. Among the best Tom Waits covers is Ol' 55 by the Eagles.


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