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Connecting New Kit to Old Kit

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This may be a non-starter but can I connect a Samsung 6800 smart TV & Panasonic 220 Blu-ray player to some old but good Monitor 7 speakers, if it's possible what do I need to get, I'm not very techie minded I'm not after surround sound I just want a resonable sound.


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RE: Connecting New Kit to Old Kit

Hi Goggins, welcome to the forum.

I cannot help you with an answer but you might be better off re-posting your question in the 'Home Cinema' section.

You may get a few more replies that way. Smile


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RE: Connecting New Kit to Old Kit

If those are the Monitor Audio Monitor 7 speakers you'll need an amplifier to drive them.  Certainly you'll be able to connect your blu-ray player to any integrated hi-fi amp.  I'm not 100% about the Samsung TV as their sets tend to have quite limited connectivity from what I remember.  If the set has standard red and white audio outputs you'll be fine to connect it to an amplifier. 


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