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Buying a subwoofer Yamaha YST SW515 or SoundPro D1.19

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I am choosing between these two:




I get Yamaha ones for 200eur and AudioPro ones for 300eur. AudioPro are only 6.5" and much less powerful, but the guy who runs audio shop and would sell me AudioPro claims that yamaha sucks and I should go with AP.


I am noob in Hi-Fi area, so Im seeking for advice. I have Yamaha A-S500 AMP and AudioPro Wigo WI-160 spearkers which Im pleased with.


I don't need much bass, Id prefer quality over loudness/power.

Yamaha are 30% cheaper and 30% more powerful, so Id choose them. But maybe AudoPro are better? 

I heard Yamaha has poor reproduction, people complain about ****ty sounds in movie scenes where there are low-frequency themes.