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Audio Racks


 I am looking for a solid audio rack that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. For various reasons, I would like one with doors so that the equipment is hidden away, and not the usual rack. Can anyone suggest one? Thanks.

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Re: Audio Racks

how much does an arm and a leg cost,i believe quadraspire have a line with doors but they are not cheap, you could try appollo or target or alphason.

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Re: Audio Racks

Thanks! I will check them all out.

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Re: Audio Racks

Why would you want to hide your equipment away? My missus is the same, so I don't let her in the living room any more, she has to sit on the naughty step every night



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Re: Audio Racks

Ha ha! I don't want to hide them pe se, but they will be facing a very large glass sliding door to the outside. I didn't want people outside to see them! My wife is going to be putting some curtains up but then I wanted to get the sunlight in and not let the room get too closed in.

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