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Argh - speakers - children

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RE: Argh - speakers - children RE: Argh - speakers - children

drlindgren wrote:

Turn speakers upside down...

Genius!  Why on earth did I not think of that?

With help from a pair of chopsticks (don't have needlenose pliers anywhere near long enough), port bungs now back in ports where they should be!

Thank you!

Thanks for all the other suggestions - very helpful to know how to get the drivers out - had not worked out what the bolts in the back were for.

I like the idea of keeping the kids away from the speakers, but they're stealthy little critters...  Easier said than done


                    The simplest idea's are normally the best.   Six inch nails should do the trick !.............:)   

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RE: Argh - speakers - children RE: Argh - speakers - children

Personally I have never had HiFi in the shed and as thats where the kids are kept, then no problem for me. Its so peaceful, the good lady and I love our quiet evenings smoking and drinking too excess and as we are both claiming the social, we dont have to get up with a hangover. Another good point is that we cant hear the kids yowling in the shed except when we remember to feed them.....oops, I havent been down for a few days.


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RE: Argh - speakers - children RE: Argh - speakers - children

Glad you got em sorted buddy Smile


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RE: Argh - speakers - children

I dont know the speaker, but could you not put some chicken wire or perforated sheet brass or aluminium from B&Q over the port hole?  Some thought would need to go into fixing like some exterior quality Scotch double sided 1mm foam pads, they stick like **** to a blanket!


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RE: Argh - speakers - children

glad you got them sorted drlindgren beauty, eh