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Arcam CD73T fault, no disc error.

Getting a intermittent fault with my CD73T, when loading a disc it displays no disc on the screen. This doesn't happen all the time, just now and again and can happen with any disc, removing the disc and then switching the machine off/on and then reloading the same disc it sometimes works. Have found on some forums it's probably the laser, I work in electronics and could replace it myself. Do you think this is what it will be? Also now and again when it reads a disc I get no sound, if I leave it switched on for a while and then retry it it's ok????? Any ideas?

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Re: Arcam CD73T fault, no disc error.

Sounds like the laser to me. My Dad used to have a CD73T which did exactly the same thing. It was repaired by Arcam under warranty by replacing the laser unit.

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