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Yamaha HPH 200 - Any Thoughts?

Anyone any experience of these?

There is very little on the web about them, and there is a suggestion here that Yamaha phones are in fact re-branded. The only reviews I have found are on Amazon .uk and .com which seem pretty positive, and at £70 from Richer Sounds they look something of a steal based on these reviews.

I know Bleachershane didn’t seem too impressed with the mids but I’m very tempted to get my mate to grab me a pair from Richer’s in Brum. I’m only holding back a bit because if I do get them it’ll leave me pretty short cash wise for another month due to bills I’ve had to pay out today, so any thoughts most welcome.

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RE: Yamaha HPH 200 - Any Thoughts?

Curious about this one too... I can get these around here for €80. Can't try them on and not sure if it has too much sound leakage for working environment, but I'd like some feedback on these.

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RE: Yamaha HPH 200 - Any Thoughts?

The photo I saw of an hph200 looks very much like some of the audio technicas like ESW11, or like the eSmooth ES860 series.

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