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Which portable headphones should i purchase?

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The upper end of my budget is around about €40. I'm getting a set of headphones mainly for commuting on the bus to college. The options I'm currently looking at are the Sennheiser HD218s, Sennheiser HD228s and the JVC HAS400Bs. The pricing(with postage) is as follows: 218 =€26.12 228=€41.50 S400=€31.78 Which of the options is the best value for the price? Would the 228s be worth €10 more than the JVC pair? Is there other similarly priced options(including delivery to Ireland)? Obviously since they're for travelling on the bus and just walking around college the short ( <1.5m ) cable is necessary. Also the must be closed-backed to prevent from disturbing fellow passengers. The JVC pair do have the added benefit of being foldable, as during the day I'll likely be storing them in my rucksack and I have doubts as to whether the sennheisers are durable enough for that (so I'm worried I'd needa case which would add to the cost and impede the portability). Despite this the Sennheisers I'm drawn to, as all my headphones so far have been Sennheiser and I've found them excellent to use, though they seem a tad liable to break.

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RE: Which portable headphones should i purchase?

Definitely get the Sennheiser.


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Personally, I would stretch a

Personally, I would stretch a little and try the AKG 450/451s.