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My Ears Are About to Bleed - Review of Audez'e LCD2

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RE: My Ears Are About to Bleed - Review of Audez'e LCD2

Never tried Hifiman before but I know they are Good CANs according to reviews.

The s/n of my 2 HD800s are in the order of 20xxx and 13xxx.  I have obtained the unique frequency diagram for the individual HD800s and the newer one has a better FR on the Low frequency range.  It has been boosted by about 2-3 dB when compare with the older one. Also the older version has a frequency jump at 6KHz and the new one has a more smooth diagram.  Having said that from my ear I found the SQ of the two HD800s are almost the same both in the LF and the HF range.  You may wish to see some of the FR disgrames as shown in the following link:


Most people find HD800 has lean bass but I do not have that feeling.  To drive the HD800 to its best performance it needs to have a powerful headphone amplifier to provide sufficient current to the drivers.  Personally I don't like the bass produced by LCDs as they are too much to my ears and is not at all natural.  I still prefer the bass from HD800 which is more honest to my ears. IMHO I considered that the details, clarity and sound staging from HD800 is the best when compared with most of the expensive headphones. 


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RE: My Ears Are About to Bleed - Review of Audez'e LCD2

Completed the simple review...




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