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Comfortable headphone for audiobooks and guided meditation

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Hello! I am looking to purchase an inexpensive headphone under $50-$60 USD. I will be using it primarily for listening to audiobooks and guided meditation. So, my first requirement is comfort, followed by light weight and good sound quality and clarity. It should not be bassy. I will use it through my cellphone without any amp. It should be closed one and should cover the whole ear. Please help me. Thanks

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RE: Comfortable headphone for audiobooks and guided meditation

Do you really need over-ears? You're right that you don't need the last word in HiFi for audiobooks and guided med, it's all about comfort and clarity, and to that end I find discrete in-ears are best for this. I can't relax and 'zone out' when I'm wearing something which clamps to my head and makes me feel like a Cyberman. In-ears also offer a degree of two-way sound isolation like the closed-back over-ears you suggest, but without the side-effect of making your ears sweat.


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