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Beyerdynamic T50p demo

I'm interested in looking at / listening to a pair of Beyerdynamic T50p headphones as they seem to fit what I want from my new set of 'phones. But, I can't seem to find anywhere that might be stocking a pair that I could go and try. 

Does anyone know where I can test them, either Cambridge or London preferably?


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RE: Beyerdynamic T50p demo

This is one I know of.


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RE: Beyerdynamic T50p demo

The T50p will be a hard one to try I think, not a lot of people hold Beyerdynamics to try, especially the T50p for some reason. I don't know too much about it myself actually, it looks like the DT1350 and although the T50 is newer I think I heard someone say the DT1350 was better. Also the T50p is not on the hifiheadohones website, although it might be worth asking them if they are likely to get it in. 

Another one you might want to try is 'Custom Cable' they have some Buyers on their books and have a showroom in south-west London.

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