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Which X-Box?

My 7 year old has decided that he wants an X-Box (I suspect to play Minecraft). Just having a look on fleabay and I'm a bit lost...

Whilst I know a fair amount about headphones, I am stuck on what the get for him.

Can anyone give ne some advice please?

- Memory needed, I doubt very much whether he will need the full shebang?

- What is Kinect?





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Xbox 360


I assume you mean the Xbox 360, the original Xbox was discontinued quite a few years ago.

There was the Xbox 360 Core and Arcade models, which don't have a hard disk, just a small amount of inbuilt memory.  

I was suggest you get one that has a hard disk, they are available in various capacities from 20GB upwards.

Kinect is a motion-sensing controller (wave your arms and jump around!), but there aren't too many games for it.   The latest Xbox One is available with or without it.    Minecraft is currently available for the Xbox 360, but an Xbox One version is coming.

I suggest the the Xbox 360 will be more than adequate for your son!

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Xbox 360 would do the job you

Xbox 360 would do the job you can buy it second hand of eBay for little money now and prices for secondhand games are cheap enough with plenty of selection 

You could just buy a stock xbox with 4gig internal and add 16gb usb memory stick which would do you for 8 to 10 kids games e.g mindcraft or you could go for the hard drive models if you plan to get lots of games (though thats whith the games downloaded or installed onto the hard drive for faster access)

Though there are many choices i would go for a Xbox slim as this has had most of its problems ironed out though with tech it can still go wrong, the E (newest version) will cost you a little more

Xbox one does not have the choice at the moment not to mention everything costs a bomb compare to the 360

Kinnect of X360 wasn't so hot though worked ok'ish and you need lots of room, so i would give it a miss 

headphones, if you use the headphone socket from your tv as i do you can get pretty much any kind of 3.5mm socket headphones as long as the cable is long enough 

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