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Transferring/copying recorded progs from Humax freeview to Humax freesat

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Currently we have the Humax 9200t pvr, but we're thinking of upgrading to the Humax freesat pvr. The trouble is we've got loads of stuff recorded and don't particularly want to lose it or go to the trouble and expense of recording it onto disc.I see that you can connect external devices to the freesat and copy from them so would it be possible to copy directly from one machine to the other and, if so, how?

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RE: Copying to Humax HDR-2000T

I've never been to this Forum before, so I'm sorry to put this in as a reply to your posting and I'd be grateful if you could re-direct me..

I've recently bought the Humax HDR-2000T and I'm very pleased with it.  But I have some stuff recorded on my old Ferguson F20320DTR which I would really like to transfer/copy/move to the Humax.  Can anyone tell me the best  way - if any - to do this please?  I've been told that the Humax can only record stuff coming in via the antenna., but surely not, looking at all the connections it has on the back. ThanksBeeJay