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BBC Four HD at last.

Finally got it in our area. (Rowridge transmitter.)

Happy Smile

Freesat Channels Moved

So common sense has prevailed and BBC 2 HD is now on 102 and BBC3&4 HD have moved too but not BBC 1 or the other HD channels??<img src=" title="" width="25" height="15" class="smiley-class smileysProcessed" />

Which One? Little Hair left :-)

Hi one & all


I'm shortly moving into a new house which has Superfast broadband. The question is which provider for a combo package of TV, Broadband & phone? At the mo BT seems to be edging it but I'm struggling to sort the differences.


Ideally, would have recordable Freeview/Sat service and good wifi.


Suggestions and comments please.





One for Chebby

Last in the trilogy tonight on BBC2 "Salting the Battlefield" just in case you have not noticed it is on.

What HD recorder is best suited to my tv?

Hello all.....


Ive done as much research as i can but im getting soooooo lost. Basically i have a Panasonic viera TX-L42FT60B tv and ive jsut cancelled my sky tv subscription.  So im now in the market for a freeview HD recorder which has twin tuners so i can record two channels and wifi with lovefilm attached too into the bargain as panasonics smart tv's dont have lovefilm jsut netflix.

Talk Talk Vs Humax DTR-T1010

I currently have a Talk Talk You View box but its mega slow on load up, at times takes time to respond to remote and TV guide can be a little slow.

So i was thinking of replacing it with a Humax DTR-T1010 but would this iron out all the slowness?

Humax freeview gude (working slow)

Up until about a week ago the guide on our Humax HD Freeview pvr worked great, very quick to load and find programs, but about a week ago its working really slow to the point that's its unusable, the last software update was the 7th Feb but it was working fine well past this update, I have tried a full reset but no different, anyone else having this problem ?

Echostar HDS-600rs Slingbox frustration

I've had the Echostar, and thought I'd try out the slingbox feature, as I'll be working away next week.

I've registered, I have the box connected to the router (via wifi), I've downloaded the slingbox player to my laptop, but it does not recognise the password, even though I've just changed it. It's driving me nuts.

The pop up box says:

The slingbox (HDS-600RS) requires a password to connect, please enter the password below.

Then there is an option of logging in with my password, or as administrator, neither of which will work.  banging head against wall