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C4 HD on Sky only (for the time being)

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Not sure if this is news or old news (presume the later). I emailed Freesat on this who said due to a contract between C4 and Sky,   C4 HD would not be available on Freesat for the time being. This is not good news for Freesat and its 1.5 HD channels :-(  One of the reasons I left Sky was because of the monopoly they have, which is highlighted by this issue. If Freesat can't even get C4 HD what hope have we that they will get others?

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Re: C4 HD on Sky only (for the time being)

True, Sky currently has the monopoly on C4 HD, although Freesat does have ITV HD (more than Virgin has!) and has just signed up Channel Five as we reported here (although admittedly not in HD).


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Re: C4 HD on Sky only (for the time being)

You're not missing anything by not getting C4HD - nothing is ever in HD on that channel anyway.

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Re: C4 HD on Sky only (for the time being)

......but it's a hd channel, it has hd in the title.

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Re: C4 HD on Sky only (for the time being)

There does seem to be more HD stuff slowly creeping onto C4 HD. Our niece was here the other day so we were forced to watch Hollyoaks, and that was in HD, rather surprisingly (to me anyway!). 

Also, the SD stuff seems to be upscaled to a far higher standard than domestic kit can manage. Quite a few times I've had to check the info banner to see if it's actually SD or HD.

Not that much of a fan of C4, but I'd definitely rather have the version that's on SkyHD Smile