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"New" Apple TV

Whilst in an apple shop with a friend buying the new iPad, I thought it may be worth a punt for £100 on one of the new apple TV boxes. Got to say I'm pretty impressed the  Picture quality on the HD trailers is excellent and I'm currently watching 4od via mirroring. Not tried music or purchased a movie yet, but suitable impressed for the price.

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RE: "New" Apple TV

Is that mirroring from your iPad?  How does it look?  Have you tried it from your phone?

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RE: "New" Apple TV

Yeh, double pressing the home button, swiping all the way to the right, then pressing the airplay icon. At this point you can either select mirroring (which I don't suggest as you only get the exact pixel match of which ever iPad you have-not a problem with the new one I assume) or you can just click apple TV. If you do the later, you get a full screen. The picture is a match for any SD channel on sky etc. but that maybe dependant on the scaler in the TV of course. Not tried mirroring from iPhone yet, but I will today and report back. Tried mirroring the digital version of the tangled film from the iPad and that looked good, again SD.

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RE: "New" Apple TV

Does the new Apple TV still upsample music from 44.1Khz to 48Khz? 

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