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BBC One and Two HD finally on cable (Ziggo) in NL

After complaining for more than a year our Dutch cable operator (Ziggo) finally has made it possible to get BBC One and Two in HD. Over 3 million subscribers can now view BBC One and Two in HD.

We have watched BBC channels in HD in the UK and we really wanted the upgrade from SD. The quality of both picture and sound is tremendous compared to the SD signal. We pay for extra channels in our package which includes BBC Three and Four. Hopefully we will get those in HD soon.

I don't know what the deal is between BBC Worldwide and Dutch providers, but the BBC seem pretty happy to provide their signal to Dutch providers. I hope they charge the providers so we contribute to BBC programming in some way.

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got the email today -

got the email today - hallelujah!  Although I see the merger with UPC has been given a go ahead, not sure if that will affect anything.

For the rest of the uk channels I tend to use Filmon (a website with the pc linked up to the tv)

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